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Platforms for Producing Dubstep Tracks

If you want to create release quality tracks, you need to get the best Dubstep production applications.

Making dubstep is all about the sequencing platform you elect to produce your tracks, however there is a variety of dubstep software available, so which application should you utilize?

Thinking of the big boys like Rusko and Skream for example, these guys (and anyone else who is making waves in the industry) all use very similar software to produce those wicked dubstep tracks that you love.

The beauty of the employing programs such as these, is the fact that you don’t need any additional hardware and can simply install it and commence your production. Check out BTV SOLO through the button below.

It’s not only Dubstep, but drum and bass, dance and hip hop tracks that are created with software only. It is only when vocals and live instruments are added, that more powerful platforms are needed and the hardware comes into play.

Most Recommended Dubstep Platforms:


To produce Dubstep music, the first program that is recommended is BTV SOLO. It is by far the most easy to use, learn the fundamentals of making music and producing dubstep beats.

In one click, you could export your beats to MP3 to be able to take your track and play it through other media. Furthermore, you can import your bounced beats from the platform into an alternative program when necessary, say, if you wanted to remix and add vocals later.

  • Instant download of software
  • Get it on PC and Mac
  • The easiest to use Dubstep sequencer
  • Download additional plugins & sounds
  • No extra hardware required

This program used to be the same price as it’s nearest entry-level rival, though is now literally six times cheaper – making it a no-brainer for amateur producers looking to make professional music.

Get started with BTV Solo immediately through the button below:



Being priced at around $200.00 US, this is one of the primary dislikes we hear that people have towards this program.

The reason we have listed this program, is not that it is most suitable for making Dubstep, though more because it is perceived to be commonly used. In light of this, it has recently become obsolete and been superseded by the next application, as below.

However, it is a very power all-rounder when it comes to banging out hip-hop beats, techno tracks, in addition to Dubstep music.

  • Great diverse application for a variety of styles
  • Get it in a box to install via CD
  • Prior knowledge of production required
  • Awesome built in sounds and instruments

You can get Ableton Through Amazon.com


A lot of people feel somewhat offended when this is said, but it is a fact that Mac computers are engaged for professional applications in music and design. Logic Studio is for mac and is not made for use on PC.

The massive DJs that you know started on the easier programs and now, are producing their Dubstep on this program.

Please note that it is highly complex to use and much prior knowledge is needed in order to sequence beats and engage the plugins to make dubstep with crazy wobble style basslines and atmospheric undertones.

  • Expensive setup costs
  • Full Music Studio program
  • Great for all styles and genres
  • Advances skills will be required
  • Not made for PC

You can get Logic through Amazon.com


Making A Decision

It is easy to get carried away in the whole concept of being a producer, but a lot of people spend big dollars on the top of the line equipment when it simply is not necessary, just to make electronic music. If you want to record a rock album for instance, a more powerful array of equipment, with hardware, would be required.

If you are one of the thousands of people with little experience, though a itching to get started, give BTV Solo a try first and perhaps move onto a full studio at a later stage.